up : date :: fraidy dog

it's a stormy morning here is bloomington....our dog Nootka will not leave our side...unless she wants to crawl under the bed and hide out in the back corner while the wind dies down. what a sweetie. it's her bday this week on halloween...she'll be 7! I know this post has nothing to do with flowers or art, but man i love my Nootka!


short : sweet :: bigfoot 3/3

can't forget pastie bigfoot! Some of you might be saying...hey, i've seen those bigfoots before. It's true...i originally did these large drawings of just the bigfoots for a burlesque gallery show. Then i turned them into greeting cards. and now i've used them once more in a difference way for a new show. Hey...this is what artists with no time to make 100% new art do. Plus, i think i like this version with the flowers and all b/w sasquatch the best!


short : sweet :: bigfoot 2/3

happy thursday!


short : sweet :: bigfoot 1/3

We are doing a little kitchen remodel this week...so we're gonna keep things short and sweet AND saucy AND sasquatchy. This is one of three 11 x 14 prints i did for a "Monster" show at Paper Crane, Bloomington's new handmade arts and goods store and gallery! 


stuffs : things :: this & that

 i mooch goods off of Joy from Oh Joy! a lot. What can i say? I like what she posts about and i think they are quite share-worthy. This "this & that" piece from back in september seems appropriate to me now since cardigan season is in full swing. My boss and i both have our fall/winter "uniform": jeans, tshirt, cardigan, scarf (optional).
(wear this delia's cardigan, decorate with that britt hermann print...)
All of my cardigans are solids (mustard, red, green, yellow, grey, black). I think i need to explore the printed cardigan this fall. and i love britt hermann's work...lovely use of greys and blacks.  


up : date :: breathe!

i'm breathing. and feeling better. last week wasnt nearly as bad as i thought it would be...i was even able to get sick and recover! i didnt take photos to document the week since a truly crazy week is so much more fun to take photos of!

a bridal from a few weeks ago...white roses and white snapdragons. i like the papery feel of it all.


le : sigh

Here is a botaniche print I did last week. It was a gift from the sister of the groom to the happy couple. What a beautiful combination of fall flowers....without being so 'FALL.' also...i heart scabiosa pods, and we all know who hearts cockscomb!


stuffs : things :: beeswax candle

I'm at a local coffee shop here in bloomington and noticed they have some beeswax candles for sale that are shaped like lotus blooms. I love the natural golden yellow hue of beeswax candles and these would look super sweet on your fall table with some bud vases full of dahlias. unfortunately the local crafter does not have a website, but here's a place for you non b-towners to find some. Hinode Farm


short : sweet :: broccoli bridal!

check out this bridal i did a few weeks ago...LOVE the broccoli! the bride was studying nutrition...how perfect!


stuffs : things :: flowers and grenades

These ceramic broaches and decorative hand grenades are making me smile while i sit with my hubs and share a mug of coffee and sparkle water. They are by artist Cosima Sempill who lives in the UK. Her pieces definitely exude fun and whimsy...and really, what more could you want in your decorative hand grenade?

found via decor8's post on Cosima...check it out!


up : date :: pushing through october!

One week of crazy down, one more to go! Maybe this week I'll document the crazy at the shop through pics. 


le : sigh

got a little lost (ok...a lot lost...in a great way) in stephanie williams's photography blog the other day... love these shots from this wedding...

What can i say...i am a total sucker for tweed vests and bow ties! 


then : now :: olaf and edgar

I know i could've paired Olaf Hajek with a number of other past artists that had a bit more of the crazy in them...but these two pieces just felt right together....the mass grouping of flowers and even their obvious differences allow them to sit next to each other and be quite interesting. 

on a side note...Olaf is one of my fave illustrators and a major influence on my own work...he's kinda a rock star in the field and any illustrator out there should know who he is. 


to : do :: green and black

I love bright kelly green. I need that color in my life....but in flower arranging i tend to reach for eucalyptus or smokebush before something that is so green. However at some point i must make a bouquet with salal greens and chocolate cosmos and that's it!

plus this:


stuffs : things :: smartwool!

Don't get me wrong...i will mourn the end of flip-flop season, but i love wool socks...and especially smartwool socks! and then i found this for a wee one...

it doesn't get much sweeter that this. 


up : date :: Ea

I've been approached lately by a few new florists who need some design work. The very talented Sarah Winward asked me to do an illo that would work on business cards and as a header for her site. Here's the card:

Check out her beautiful work and site here


le : sigh

fall colors are starting! HAPPY 100th post!

bridal by me @ peppertree floral
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