to : do :: leucodendron bouquet

Introducing a NEW category of posts! "to : do" will be all about things that i want to do someday in regards to flowers and art (of course!). Sometimes while i'm at the flower shop i think to myself, "man, i would love to do a bouquet with ________." However, the percentage of truly adventurous brides is fairly low in southern indiana, so for now this blog section will be my outlet for what i think would be absolutely stunning.

First on the list: a bouquet made completely from leucodendron!

I love this spikey evergreen plant. It comes in a variety of colors, but i think the dark maroon one en masse for a winter wedding or the limey one for a spring wedding would just be the bees knees!

Check it out as a full on wreath from Wild Ridge Organics.


1 : 3 :: stem wraps

Kinda a cop-out, but i found this post from Floral Verde and thought it
a. is beautiful
b. shows how even the stem wrap can subtly change the feel of a bouquet
c. made my life easier

Check out the full post here!


stuffs : things :: bedspread

the hubs and i are going to be repainting out bedroom from it's current dark merlot (just feels a bit too dark these days) to a very neutral greige (beige-grey). I kinda want to get a new bedspread to bring in some fun color...this one from urban outfitters caught my eye...


up : date :: website is refreshed!

I'm back! and even though October is CRAZY for weddings here in bloomington, I will be more faithful to Botaniche...i miss searching and finding new things to be inspired by and lust over. Before my trip i spent a few days frantically refreshing (aka re-buliding from scratch) my website. I'm going to be advertising Botaniche prints in Bloom magazine's local artist guide, so i needed to have it on my illustration site. Go check it out! also, here's the ad that i'm going to have in the mag!


le : sigh

back in bloomington...
...ready to face the crazy that is October!


up : date :: road trip!

AHHH! it's friday! and there hasn't been a post this week! i have a few excuses...the most truthful one is that I was busy building a new website to house my art! check it out: www.katievernon.com. it now includes links to botaniche stuffs, and is overall better!

And, I won't be posting with much regularity until the 23rd (or thereabouts) because i am going on a road trip with my climbing partner, heterosexual life partner, and fellow meat-loving friend, mary!  That's her on the left...last Halloween we were flight attendants and won some costume contest! That's her again on the left in the pink giving me some scornful look. I like mary a lot
and this road trip is going to be a blast (and a much needed vacation!)! Watch out Michigan and Wisconsin! 

If I have time, interwebs, and feel like posting (hey...i'm on vacation) i might get a few "short : sweets" up here! in the meantime...toodles!


le : sigh

happy 6yr anniversary (tomorrow) hon!


then : now :: floral posters

raindrops on roses and wiskers on kittens, WPA posters and warm woolen mittens. It's true! WPA posters are one of my favorite things! I love the simplicity, the typography, and the colors. I also love modern band posters like this one for The National, created by Doublenaut

top posters via A Way to Garden
Doublenaut's poster via Grain Edit (where i go to get my poster design fix!)


1 : 3 :: stock

Stock is my favorite smelling flower. It is light, fresh, and peppery. It's a great flower for people who like something with a little fluffy texture. I tend to like it most en mass or as little touches of texture in a bouquet. 

top image via carithers flowers
boutonnière via wedding channel.com
bouquet found here

rabbit rabbit!
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