1:3 :: cockscomb

after posting about it being a zombie's favorite flower...i thought i should let the zombies salivate a bit more. I think it adds a super fun modern flare to a vase arrangement and a great textural element to a bouquet. I couldn't decide between the green or the blue bouquets from theknot so i put them both up. which do you like more?

cockscombs drowning pic via lotus haus
middle pic from flower lifestyle



stuffs : things : rifle paper co recipe boxes

Rifle Paper Co. is one of my favorite places to oogle over stationary! I saw this recipe box on Design*Sponge this morning and HAD to post about it here. I am not really one for recipes, but maybe i would use them more if they were all in a pretty box. or maybe i'd use it as an address book (box). Here's another of their products that is drool-worthy:  
the sweetest botanical card set! i'm also in love with their folk card set, but it is backordered. le sigh.

up : date : where did monday go?!

ack! where did monday go? I think i was still in vacation mode. Speaking of...in the next few days i'll have some fun pics from the Dever Botanical Garden (so beautious!) as well as the bouquets i made day-of for my friend Anna for her wedding! For today, i'll share where monday went...into these drawings for a carnival/circus themed art show coming up. here's a little sneak peak for you to enjoy! (i tried so hard not to have flowers in these...but in the end, i had to collage some in!!)


le : sigh

just need a little simplicity in my life today

painting by Bada Shanren (1626-1705) 


short : sweet

back in Indiana, where the state flower is the peony. way to pick a flower Indiana!


short : sweet

sweet short stack of flower pancakes


short : sweet

i like this sweet little pin corsage


short : sweet

My mom had 2 vases of beaded flowers that her (i think) great aunt had made. I think one had white daisy type flowers and one had yellow daffodil. i remember being kinda fascinated by them as a kid. i thought these were super sweet!

via such pretty things' flickr site


short : sweet

Did these bouquets last weekend...photo by the talented Sheila White


short : sweet

A Zombie's favorite flower...Cocks Comb/Celosia.



short : sweet

The state flower of Colorado...the Columbine!

photo via biology-blog


stuffs : things :: botanical posters

yes please! can be found at The Evolution Store.


up : date :: road trip!

Welp, I am headed to Colorado for a friend's wedding this week! So from Wednesday to Wednesday I will have some simple posts of beautiful flowers, but not the typical Botaniche weekly posts. Hope you enjoy!

image by me...last summer i was obsessed with green envy zinnias!


le : sigh

the hubs and i are planning on screening in our upper deck this summer so i've been looking at pics for some inspiration. this one feels so relaxing....


then : now :: sunflowers

oh sunflowers. i just don't really like you. That's not 100% true...I like you in fields and wild gardens. but you're sometimes just too brown and yellow for me in arrangements and art. I like this Van Gogh sunflower painting probably because it's more monochromatic in the yellow tones. And i like these prints by Jeannine Roberts Royce because they are mandala-like and very pleasing in their detailed symmetry and "not yellow and brown"-ness.


1:3 :: lupine

This morning I asked my hubs which flower to do for the 1:3 post this week. Of course I knew he would pick some western wildflower. The lupine (or lupin) is pretty awesome but it was tricky to find examples of it in arrangements. After much searching here are my "3." (I am counting the drawing and natural examples as one) I love how the lupines in the 'picked from the garden' arrangement arc and feel so comfortable. and then how they fill out and add some height to the fun colorful row of bud vases. But i think my heart responds most to them in their natural setting with a freaking gorgeous mountain view. 

drawing via pencil and leaf 
photo from garden rant


stuffs : things :: father's day floral

I think it would be nice if gents wore little flowers in their lapels once in a while. My man doesn't really wear the right type of clothing (could he pin it on his soft shell? maybe his smartwool sweater?). But if a dude in your life rocks the sports coat or sweater vest (father's day is coming up!), these from Emersonmade are just about the sweetest and would make a great father's day gift.

I think you'll be seeing Emersonmade on this blog a few more times...they have SO many great floral accessories. eeeee!


up : date :: finally!

ive been busy all day weeding, mulching, and doing anything I can to make the backyard a bit more enjoyable. And frank got the rain barrel up and our scary dog house is gone! I am just thankful that my one day off this week was absolutely gorgeous. hazzah!


le : sigh

i've been avoiding sugar/grains/dairy for a few days now to see how just eating meat/veggies affects my RA (so far the joints are feeling really good). But all i can think about are flower-shaped cookies. Someone please enjoy these for me!

find the recipe at My French Kitchen


then : now :: more flowerheads

couldn't resist continuing the flowerheads! As a refresher...here was last week's post. This week's 'now' pics are from the incredible japanese stylist musubi. click through his photos! they're so yummily whimsical.


1 : 3 :: One Magnolia, Four Days

A little different this week....from my sister's friend's sister, Sarah Totonchi's blog, Ashes and Glass

I'll have to do a magnolia post again...mainly for it's leaves. they are one of my favorite big leaves to work with since their under bellies are velvety brown.


stuffs : things :: dog collar

I think our Nootka (the pup) would look stellar in this collar by Mimi Green. I sometimes have a hard time finding her a collar that isn't too girly, but still distinguishes her as the lady that she is. what do you think Noot?

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