up : date :: happy valentine's day!

Happy V-day! 
Life at the flower shop has been amazingly busy...after a few weeks of down time, creating lots of unique arrangements each day for the last week has been wearing on me. so tired. But with the 50degree sunny weather yesterday, i am recharged and ready for today. The hubs is cooking bacon as we speak and i'm about the cook him some primal pancakes (grain-free). nom nom. 

In other exciting news, i am creating lots of illustrations for a project with Chronicle Books! (this has nothing to do with the patterns i was making before...that personal project will be put on hold for a few months) Can't give away details, but it's something that's going to take up a lot of time, so we'll see how blogging will fit in. 

love and toodles!


then : now :: robert kulicke

stumbled upon mr. kulicke's work and im kinda obsessed with this bottom painting. The top one was made in 1960, oil on board, the second was done in 2005, oil on plexiglass. uff! i love its simplicity and coloring. 


1 : 3 :: ice & flowers

in honor of the ice storm that has hit us here in bloomington, i thought it only appropriate to show a few ways that you can use ice and flowers together. let's start with the coolest (pun intended) and move toward slightly less cool.
teeny roses in ice cubes? yes please! via my italian wedding
this one is less feasible for a diy-er, but i kinda like the ice-pick thing going on. from the Philadelphia Flower Show
i'm not that into ice sculptures, but if you are...here you go! via The French Bouquet

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