stuff : things :: felted flowers

I just adore these felted flowers...i think it's the scale, or just how soft and petaly they are. The peachy color of these with the grey background is delicious. Check out more of Crafts 2 Cherish's work here. She has gorgeous necklaces, broaches, headbands. yum yums!


up : date :: busy bee

life has been a bit crazy lately. Working tons of time at the flowershop, coming home with little energy and depleted creative juices, and the lists of illustration 'must-do's and 'want to-do's is increasing rapidly. Yesterday I had my pity party and invited the hubs. It went well, and now (after a solid night of sleep) I feel ready to face the week! Hopefully being a busy little bee will produce lots of sweet sweet honey!


le : sigh

We moved upstairs so now i have an entire room for art! And no, this is not my studio...this wonderful space belongs to shay ometz, the senior art director at fossil. Check out the rest of her home at Design*Sponge here! Hopefully someday soon i will feel good about posting pics of my own studio!

Happy Friday!


then : now :: suspended

First off we have a mobile by Alexander Calder (1898 - 1976)...a few random facts about Calder...he studied mechanical engineering, crafted toys, and invented the mobile as we know it. He also coined the term 'stabile' for his abstract sculptures that were not hanging or kinetic.

His 'now' counterpart is photographer Ben Innes. These photos are from a "series focusing on disused electronics, as well as flora and fauna." I am especially obsessed with his separated artichoke (my bday food of choice!).

Calder once wrote, "Nothing at all of this is fixed." i like that.

although my bday artichoke is kinda a set deal!


1:3 :: interior design

good morning! decor8 is one of the blogs i love to have on my reader because of all the great pictures she posts. actually, i should call my google reader, my 'google looker'...im more of the scroll through sort of person. If you are too, you know what i mean...except you won't be reading it, just looking at some pretty pics...
These were a few images from a post a while back, but all the floral touches (whether they were quite obvious like the first two pics, or more subtle with the little bud vase in the third) really caught my eye. 

also, i think i want my table to have knit leg warmers!


stuffs : things :: oh joy! wallpaper!

so, it's been all over the design blogs this morning, but i figured i'd put it out there as well! Joy Deangdeelert Cho, who keeps up the blog Oh Joy!, has made a line of wallpaper for Hygge & West. All three designs are very natural...flowers, stones, and leaves...i especially like the white and gold Petal Pusher design. Maybe for a headboard or inside of a cabinet.


up : date :: long week over

It was a long week at Peppertree...my boss was on vacation so i was left in charge of 2 weddings with only a few helping hands for a couple hours. 29 (12 sm, 12 med, 5 lg) arrangements, 1 wreath, 14 bridesmaid bouquets, 14ish corsages, 40ish boutonnieres, 2 bridals, and multiple shop orders... 50 hours later...i can finally relax. Tomorrow is a full day off, so hopefully i will feel more like this:


stuffs : things :: Hetty Rose

Today I am featuring work by Hetty Rose! She is an absolutely amazing custom shoe/bag designer working in London. She uses vintage kimonos and adornments to create one-of-a-kind shoes. I love her fun designs and was fortunate enough to do a trade with her...a custom tattoo design by me for a clutch by her! hazah!

be sure to check out her sweet video that shows her shoe-making process!


up : date :: movin' on up!

Today I move upstairs! After a year and a half of living in about 500 sqft  of my basement, I am moving upstairs with the hubs coming back in town on wednesday, and one of my upstairs tenants is moving downstairs. This will be an interesting move. it would be better if my staircase looked like this:


le : sigh

This is just about the coolest thing i've seen this week.... yarn dyed with zinnia flowers
Yarn dyed by Rebecca Burgess
Photos by Paige Green


then : now :: zinnia paintings

top painting by Van Gogh
bottom by Chris Gillis 2009

love the shape simplicity of Chris's painting. favorite part though is the color interaction between the vase and the table. 


1:3 :: zinnias

One of the great thing about zinnias is their super interesting colors. There are bright ones, slightly muted ones, and variegated ones. 
These are my favorite colored ones...the limey green and salomon-rose zinnias (especially when combined with brighter hues!) are so lovely. This photo is from Life on the Balcony.

I like the combo of the cake flowers...it tones down the ultra-formal-ness of the cake/silver plate. This bridal feels so unexpected and i don't think many brides would go for it. but I LOVE dark scabiosa/chocolate cosmos and mustard yellow! the white queen annes lace brings back the femininity. Finally, a garden arrangement i made last summer...there's that limey zinnia with brighter ones and some coleus foliage! 

bouquet by Fleurs via The Knot
arrangement by me


stuffs : things :: Zinnia sheets

I guess this week is going to turn into zinnia week here at Botaniche! The zinnias are blooming in a major way here in bloomington, IN... so why shouldn't they bloom all year round in your bedroom!?
These are from Garnet Hill


up : date ::

a pic from a bridesmaid bouquet that i did at Peppertree a few weeks ago. Loved the oranges form the globe, dahlia, zinnia, cone flower heads, and safflower paired with green trachillium and bear grass.

I had such a nice weekend with my mom in town...good food and lots of help in my garden. yay mom!


le : sigh

Odilon Redon is easily in my top 3 favorite artists of all time (the other two tend to vary, but Redon stays strong). I was introduced to him by a drawing teacher at University of Dayton and fell in love. It had been a few years since i had really looked at his work and so last week while i was researching some then:now posts, something inside me sparked, lit up, and fully engulfed me with the flames of inspiration. So i purchased a book of his pastels which just arrived a few days ago. I havent had the chance to fully sit down with it yet...i think i'll need a few open morning hours, a silent cell phone, and a good cup of coffee to soak it all in. can't wait!


WTW : What The Wednesday?!

so, this week has gotten out of hand for me....lots of custom work, lots of flower work, I will conquer and return on friday! In the meantime enjoy this botaniche print made for Nick and Anna...two very awesome friends. Here's a pic of the actual bridal bouquet (made from flowers from Anna's mom's garden by yours truly) along with the illustration.
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