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I am out of art-hibernation for just a bit today because i had to share these great illos!
These lovely drawings are by east coast illustrator Meeralee. I really like their folk-ish vibe! Definitely check out her etsy shop...i just told her she should raise her prices on her prints...so go there now before she does! ; )  


up : date :: where have i been? where am i going?

yes...where have i been? well the short of it is that i've been working. Valentine's day at the flower shop (which seemed to knock me out for a week or two) and working on a big illustration project that might actually pay some bills (yay!)

the unfortunate thing about all the busy-s is this blog gets the shaft. It is the girlfriend i never call, the yogurt container in the back of my fridge that i forget is there and ignore when i see it. 

So what does the future hold for botaniche? i'm not sure. i hope to still post occasionally (once a week is a more attainable goal). I know it will be on the back burner of my mind through june (illo project wraps up in june, and then june weddings are in full swing). So I hope you stay tuned and view my inconsistent posts as fun little surprises!

fabric design by Josef Frank...my current major inspiration
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