le : sigh

i miss painting on big things...these were a few of my 'mountain' paintings from senior year in college...the top ones were on doors, the bottom were 2'x4'. maybe when i move back upstairs and have my own studio, ill start painting big again. le sigh.
(my apologies that this post wasn't exactly floral-related)
hope you dealt.


then : now :: 70s colours

ah, harvest gold, avocado green, and burnt orange! i kinda love those 70s colors in smaller doses. Maybe that's why i'm enjoying these two azalea paintings found at barb mowery's etsy site. I thought the "then" portion's vintage fabric is a nice compliment. 


1:3 :: chives

The last few weeks in the shop we have gotten in a lot of beautiful local flowers. Zinnias, celosia, saliva, cone flowers, and so many more. Chive blooms are always a fun and interesting addition to an arrangement or bouquet. They still smell like onion though! We paired some with some mint greenery for a fun visual and aromatical (new word of the week!) experience. 

rustic artichoke and chive bouquet via the a listers
bluebells and chive and mixed arrangements from Martha Stewart


stuffs : things :: Chive vases

A few weekends ago I went with Andrea to Atlanta's America Mart Gift Show to shop for some new goodies for Peppertree. Amongst the vast array of not-so-great, we found a few new things to stock. We really liked the small vases from Chive. This top one is actually a plastic travel vase that folds flat and we  definitely fell in love with the small apothecary bud vases.


up : date :: vosges display

Here are some more pics of my illos in the Vosges store in Soho. Thanks to my sis for taking the pics!


le : sigh

kinda love how vosges used my illos for in-store displays! more pics on monday!


1:3 AND then:now :: book adornments

So due to a busy busy week at the flower shop and lots of art projects to attend to, I am combining my wednesday and thursday posts! enjoy
Something a bit different today. I stumbled across (note: there is no 'T' at the end of the word across (side note: one of my pet peeves is when people pronounce it acrosst)) these images while searching for some others. But I just love them. Simple floral book ornaments. I think it's a shame that so many books today aren't as pretty...but there is a resurgence in beautiful books. I'm sure you've seen these clothbound penguin classic books:

so pretty!


stuffs : things :: garland light

How neat are these floral garland lights from artecnica! I love how the brass one in the lower pic really brings a soft warmth to the room. They fit right in with all the paper-cut illustrations/art i'm seeing everywhere!


up : date :: hotlanta

still hanging out in hotlanta for a few hours! see you soon bloomington.

flowers by atlanta florist Amy Osaba (you'll be seeing more of her work on this blog for sure!)


le : sigh

off to atlanta this weekend to look for more goodies for peppertree! 


then : now :: beaded bag

Up top we have a fancy purse from around the 1900s. So detailed and meticulously crafted. I mean, look at the grid pattern in the background! Then we have a modern clutch that has a more abstract pattern that I argue could be considered floral-ish or sea-like. 


1:3 :: beaded bouquets

I really like all three of these beaded bouquets...and they are each so different. Which would you carry down the aisle?

Middle via Ruffled
Bottom from BeadFloraJewels


stuffs : things :: more beads!

alright! let's go ahead and turn this into bead week at botaniche! Here are a few beaded products from Jenny over at Flower Cove:
Up top we have a simple buttonhole boutonniere, then a pink flower hair vine, and some sweet little floral hair pins. I love how the top two have a floral feel without screaming FLOWERS! Also, Jenny was kind enough to share a link to her beaded flower tutorial. thanks jenny!

Stay tuned this week for some amazing beaded bouquets!


up : date :: flowers that last

These are some pics my momma sent me...I made mention in this post of some beaded flowers from my childhood. My memories were a bit fuzzy, but here are the arrangements my great grandma made some 40-50 years ago! (mom...i swore we had bright yellow ones too!)


le : sigh

long week. could definitely use a cuppa.


then : now :: illuminated

I am so excited about this post because i adore illuminated manuscript illustrations AND i adore Shira Sela's work. lots of adoration at botaniche today!
Looking at some of Shira's other work, i could have almost paired her with an art nouvea poster, but I think her sense of color, shape, detail, and perspective truly fit in with the old manuscript. so lovely! See more of her work here.


1:3 :: succulent bouquets

I've already posted a few pics of succulents being used in bouquets (here and here) but it is such a continuing trend this year that i had to post a few more!

i love the darker color succulents paired with that cool minty sage! one of my fave color combos. 
i love the simplicity of this one with the little hint of feathers and  baby's breath (also making a comeback)

I like the little hints of red-orange that really pop from this one and work well with the cool and limey greens. 


stuffs : things :: denver botanical gardens

seriously, when in denver you must make it to the denver botanical gardens! When I went they had sculptures by henry moore integrated into the scenery in such a flawless manner. I hope they stay up for quite a while. But besides amazing art, the flowers were gorgeous! here are a few pics:


le : sigh

 In spite of spending many a 4th at home or curled up in my mom's lap with ears fully plugged, I have grown to enjoy the yearly firework tradition. i also like that this one looks like a flower. Enjoy your 4th of July weekend!


then : now :: mum

mum IS the word today. We have two prints, the first originally created in the late 19th century in Japan by Hasegawa. The second is a print that can be found at The Sable Boar's etsy shop. 

For anyone interested...the chrysanthemum symbolizes cheerfulness, optimism, rest, truth, long life and joy. who doesn't want more chrysanthemum in their life?!
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