up : date :: finally!

ive been busy all day weeding, mulching, and doing anything I can to make the backyard a bit more enjoyable. And frank got the rain barrel up and our scary dog house is gone! I am just thankful that my one day off this week was absolutely gorgeous. hazzah!


Jess said...

this drawing is also absolutely gorgeous! My back yard has parts that are lovely and parts that feel like a jungle - I look forward to the day I have a cohesive backyard, but there's a whole lot of work between now and then!

And a rain barrel, I really want a rain barrel! Yay!

k.v. said...

Thanks jess! we still have quite the jungle going on in parts as well...my husband keeps talking about getting a machete to take care of it.

Jess said...

just yesterday my boyfriend said "I think what I need is a machete." A few days ago it was a chainsaw... I'm starting to understand those people whose yards get so overgrown you can't walk through them. It takes a lot of upkeep!

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