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These are some pics my momma sent me...I made mention in this post of some beaded flowers from my childhood. My memories were a bit fuzzy, but here are the arrangements my great grandma made some 40-50 years ago! (mom...i swore we had bright yellow ones too!)


Anonymous said...

I remember the bright yellow ones too -- slightly different style than these.

Susan said...

The yellow ones are still around...somewhere. I'm not that organized! If I find them and if I take a pic, I will send it along.

Craft Cove said...

Is that fabric leaves in the first photo? clever!

k.v. said...

ok, i'm glad there are indeed yellow ones...i'm not going totally nuts!

CC- yeah, my great grandma was pretty darn clever! She made applesauce in her coffee pot and used old nylons to tie up tomato plants (which i actually did evening) thanks for your comments!

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