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Odilon Redon is easily in my top 3 favorite artists of all time (the other two tend to vary, but Redon stays strong). I was introduced to him by a drawing teacher at University of Dayton and fell in love. It had been a few years since i had really looked at his work and so last week while i was researching some then:now posts, something inside me sparked, lit up, and fully engulfed me with the flames of inspiration. So i purchased a book of his pastels which just arrived a few days ago. I havent had the chance to fully sit down with it yet...i think i'll need a few open morning hours, a silent cell phone, and a good cup of coffee to soak it all in. can't wait!


Katy_Potaty said...

Hi Katie, I only just came across your to-die-for blog today. Love love love!
Hope you don't mind, I mentioned you on my blog, and I'll definitely be buying a print or two soon!


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