up : date :: road trip!

AHHH! it's friday! and there hasn't been a post this week! i have a few excuses...the most truthful one is that I was busy building a new website to house my art! check it out: www.katievernon.com. it now includes links to botaniche stuffs, and is overall better!

And, I won't be posting with much regularity until the 23rd (or thereabouts) because i am going on a road trip with my climbing partner, heterosexual life partner, and fellow meat-loving friend, mary!  That's her on the left...last Halloween we were flight attendants and won some costume contest! That's her again on the left in the pink giving me some scornful look. I like mary a lot
and this road trip is going to be a blast (and a much needed vacation!)! Watch out Michigan and Wisconsin! 

If I have time, interwebs, and feel like posting (hey...i'm on vacation) i might get a few "short : sweets" up here! in the meantime...toodles!


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