then : now :: flowerheads

I think this is my favorite then/now yet! First of all we have Arcimboldo who was doing crazy stuff during the High Renaissance (he lived from 1527-1593). Not only did he study under DaVinci, become a royal painter, and have the first name of Giuseppe; but he was also a party planner for multiple emperors! He was the Preston Bailey of his time (think rivers of champagne and harpsichords that shot colorful water...oh crazy Archimboldo!). Anyhoo, he is most famous for his composite portraits where he would take vegetables, animals, or in this case, flowers and create a face from it.

Then we have current artist Nate Duval who is basically a rock star. He also designs posters for lots of rock stars (Wilco, Andrew Bird, Phish, just to name a few). Nate's work looks he had fun while making it...gotta love that! So go and check out his work here...it makes you want to start a band just so he can design you a poster! (Mary... the Oh Well Heroes might have to start up sooner than later!)


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