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Wreaths 101:

In Ancient Greece, the wreath was given to Olympic champions as a trophy of their accomplishments. Later, head wreaths signified royalty or social standing. Other wreaths were used for military status symbols. In religion, the wreath has had many meanings associated with it; its circular form offered meanings of everlasting life or family circle. When hung on a door, a wreath symbolizes a welcoming greeting. Braided wreaths either worn or displayed offered a symbol of unity, peace, and spiritual ties. Other meanings include growth, eternity, good will, and prosperity.

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So, ancient wreaths were typically laurel head wreaths like this:
Growing up catholic, it was always pretty exciting when the advent wreath showed up...it meant 4 weeks until christmas! if you want to learn about the symbolism of the advent wreath, here's a good site.
here is a very sweet advent calendar-wreath idea/how to:
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and now-a-days you can have a door wreath for halloween!

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But since it is Christmas time, i figured i'd end with a lovely wreath and another cute advent calendar idea from Ali Edwards (a post from 2007, but pretty classic)


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