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ok, so i know in my little update last week i promised "wreaths, fashion, photography and other goodies," but in lieu of it being xmas week, i'm going to focus exclusively on wreaths! I love wreaths, though you wouldn't know it because i don't own one, and i sometimes grumble about making them at work. And like most things decorative, i am extremely picky about wreaths (maybe that's why i don't own one...still looking for the perfect one). I like them either completely wild or very graphic.

Today's wreath is mostly notsalgic for me...my mom always made something crafty for family/friends for christmas...one year it was pinecone reindeers, another year it was jingle bell necklaces, and one year she made tiny wreath ornaments out of sweet gum seed pods.

We always called them "sputniks" Anyhoo, here is a pretty amazing "sputnik" wreath ala martha:
via Shelter interior design's blog, which also has the "how-to" for this spiky wreath


Susan said...

Thanks for remembering some of the things I made. A can of gold spray paint always came in handy...especially to dress up those little sputnik wreaths.

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