multi : task :: pattern 6 and up : date

well, as some of you may have noticed, i didn't blog last week. i had a clogging (yes...i clog, actually it's appalachian flat-foot clogging...think tap shoes and bluegrass) performance thing and to be honest, winter was just getting me down. it was all i could do to work full days and then clog at night and manage to eat and stay warm.

but i am back and determined to have 9 patterns by the end of the week and stop this silly multi-tasking business!


kate so said...

ooh, they're all so pretty!

D and I have been working on the side table for the nursery. We sanded and primed last night. I read up on some spray painting tips and have been at it this morning. I'm getting the itch. We have a full gallon of primer for future projects...

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