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did you know the cool kids are calling 2011 "Z011" and pronouncing it 'zoy'? Not sure if i am cool enough to do that....we'll see. Anyhoodle, happy new year! You might notice the new design of my little blog...i thought with the new year should come an updated look. So i went with something a bit cleaner looking. although, the logo may change...i have a few im debating between.

I've never been a big 'resolution' maker, but this year i definitely have more goals than in years past. I thought i'd share a few:

1. "journal" So, i havent been a journaler since high school and even then i would get really into it for a month and then forget about it for 3 months. So this idea via design*sponge made me think that i could be a journaler of a different sort.
although, instead of a carton with index cards, i bought a moleskin journal and each page has 2 days, and i write a single sentence for each day. If i keep up with it, i could have over a decade of events in one book. Hopefully, this might also help with my terrible memory!

2. "listen to my body" I know i feel better when i avoid grains and sugar...my joints dont hurt, my pants fit great, i have more energy...but i really crave sugary goodies a lot. So this year I am attempting to have more resolve and realizing that eating that cookie (even if it is gluten free) is not worth it. I will save sweet treats for only the most special occasions, and enjoy 85% dark chocolate maybe once a week. Also along with this is spending more time cooking. 

3. "paint" I want to have between 20-30 paintings (that I love) done by the end of the year...that will make 2012 the year of having a solo show in a local gallery!

4. "less tv" even though my hubs and i dont own a tv, there is still hulu and netflix...so i am limiting TV to 3 shows a week (glee, 30rock, community)...and if i want to watch more, i have to be painting while watching it. 

5. "travel near and far" the hubs and i have a goal of going to a foreign country this year and seeing more of what is close to us.

so those are the basic ones...i think they are all very attainable. 
here's to a happy, healthy, and productive zoy!


Susan said...

According to Tallulah Bankhead..."It's the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time." Do one sentence journal entries count? Bad in a good sense is more fun!

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