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This week I had my first "mini" wedding that I took care of all by my onesies from meeting with the bride to tearing down. Just the bridal, bouts, corsages, toss, and a few centerpieces. I was really excited by how the bridal turned out and was so happy that this bride wanted something unusual with lots of texture (and billy balls!). We decided on buttery roses, white lisiantus, green cymbidiums, hypericum berry, billy balls, lotus pods, and a few succulents. For being only the second bridal i've done at the shop and being the first that I designed...i'm a proud momma. 


kate so said...

Um...love your posts. And the bridal is out of hand. Good work, mama.

Camera is awesome. I think D and I will finally document our lives. What to do about the last 4 years? I hope I don't ever get amnesia. Let's plan dinner and cities and nights soon. Tell Frank-o, hi. Glad he's finally back in town.

Sarah said...

it is gorgeous! really!! well done, and congratulations!!

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