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Oh billy balls! you are so 'in' right now that I almost didn't want to post about you. But you are so damn cute. Also called billy buttons or craspedia, the billy ball add such a light heartedness to a bouquet or arrangement. They are the perfect shade of yellow for the yellow-grey junkies (admittedly I painted a kitchen yellow and grey...love it!). I love the combo with the succulents in the first one and the pomander in the second would be loads of fun to carry around (though i might be tempted to bop someone with it). the final pic is just a great mix of textures: yarrow, protea, hydrangea, and our friend billy b.


Jess said...

oh, I've never known what these are called! I am obsessed with the yellow-grey combo as well, especially this dark shade of yellow. and with the succulents, that is the most beautiful bouquet!! Gorgeous!

k.v. said...

Thanks for the comment Jess! I was a bit reluctant to put that bouquet up at first because so many other blogs had already cited it...but it is just too gorgeous not to be shared one more time.

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