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hi there! this is the first post of botaniche! Basically I want to create a blog all about my two fave things... flowers & art! here's a wee diagram for you visual processors:


I hope you have gotten a chance to already read a few weeks of posts (since I am launching the blog with a bit of material already going). So you might get the gist of the layout/categories already, but here's it broken down, so you know what to expect:

Mondays: a day for updates (up : date), featuring sweet florists (who's : it), little factoids about flowers and/or art (tid : bit), or any news worthy things (news : flash)

Tuesdays: products, home goods, doo dads, that artistically feature flowers (stuffs : things)

Wednesdays: one type of flower shown 3 different ways it can be used/arranged (1 : 3)

Thursdays: something old and something new (then : now)

Fridays: a single image to inspire/relax/drool over (le : sigh)

I hope you enjoy. I am sure things will shift and change as the blog matures, but this feels like a good place to start.



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