1:3 :: daffodils

oh daffodils....must admit, I'm not a huge fan. They have a sap that shortens the life of other flowers that you combine them with...and they are just too cheerful. so...what's the word? yellow. i know, there are a TON of varieties and actually the double ones and peachy/buttery are kinda neat, and the teeny ones look sweet in the garden...i guess im just not that into them when it comes to arrangements. However, i found some that i liked. The daffodils in the multicolored glasses really give life to a sunny window and I can't really picture those being filled with roses...though some anemones or scabiosa could be brilliant. the branches and the clean modern lines of the vessel contrast nicely with the petally (yes i did just make petal an adjective!) daffodils of the second arrangement. and finally via design*sponge...a mountain of daffodils! they are erupting with pure 90% cheer and 10% glee!


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