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Tulips! I was never a huge fan until I became a florist and realized how gorgeous a simple bunch of tulips is. There's no need for greenery,  there are beeelions of different varieties, and they keep growing after you cut them (how neat-o is that?!). So I've picked three different ways to use them. 

The amazing bouquet on top was designed by the talented Nicolette Camille. It was for a Real Simple online article (salivate over all of her bouquets for the article here). I will probably say this quite a bit on this blog but green flowers are my fave and green/white parrot tulips especially!

The second comes from yours truly (@ Peppertree) doing an arrangement for a TV interview at Ivy Tech. I could have added another 10 stems, but eventually you do have to stop. I love how they look like they are crawling out of the vase.

Finally we have an image from BloomingDesign. I really like that this one shows that tulips can look awesome contained. I bet it would also be great if you only had a few stems to work with. 

now go and tulip it up!


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