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Ok, I'm trying out Polyvore for this layout. I think it works well for stuffs and things, but i tried it for 1 flower 3 ways and didn't like the end result...any thoughts? I feel like it is used a ton in the blogging world. and for good reason...it allows you to find cool things and import cool things found elsewhere and make a little inspiration board. But it ends up making some blogs look a bit too similar. granted...i haven't tried to hard to diverge from the typical design blog layout (got my sponsors, archive, blogroll, etc.). I think I'll be tweaking my layout for a while, but i also think there is a reason that so many blogs are similar (besides most people not really knowing how to manipulate the platform/templates that are out there)...when something works, you go with it. And readers expect and become familiar with layouts...i know i didn't want to make a blog that was so far from the norm that it would be confusing and user-unfriendly.

anyhoo, perhaps i'll write more on this topic another time.

now for the stuffs and things! Many of you might know that liberty of london has done a line for target (here's a review of it at fashionista). Surprisingly, i don't easily fall in love with floral prints. They tend to be either too modern or too country for my liking. vintage, historical, sweet, and/or fresh are more my style. and these hit many of those notes. if my hubs wore ties...he would be getting that meadow pink one for sure!


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