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do you have memories of the perfect cup of hot cocoa? was it made with a powder mix? syrup? melted chocolate? with water? milk? on the stove? in the microwave. My childhood hot cocoa was milk with hershey's syrup heated in the microwave. with two large marshmallows. you had to make sure the mallows didn't explode, and you'd always have a bit of a chewy-crusty mallow rim on your mug. Of course it always tasted best after some snow fort building or sledding!
These days my cups of cocoa usually include a shot of baileys or are powdered mixes when im out camping. I might just have to make a cup Mom's way to sip on some sweet memories!


Anonymous said...

mmm hot chocolate memories. too bad I can't eat Hershey's (high fructose corn) syrup anymore. I'm going ice-skating in Bryant Park tonight... and hopefully there's a delicious chocolate & Bailey's drink afterwards.

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