to : do :: asclepia pods aka scrot pods

a week and a half ago (or so) i was sitting at Farm and thought that Dan Savage was sitting at a table right next to me. After hearing his voice it was confirmed that yes...it was indeed the host of the Savage Love podcast and sex-columnist for the Stranger. I knew he was in Bloomington and just that afternoon had been talking with andrea (who's the one who got me listening to his podcast) about if we would run into him. 7hrs later i was sitting next to him and after a quick text, 7mins later andrea is sitting next to me and getting ready to introduce herself.

It got me thinking that if anyone would appreciate an asclepia pod arrangement, it would be Mr. Savage.  Scrot pods don't work for just any event....although i did see a few in a fancy restaurant bathroom here in btown....i got so excited it stuck one in my purse....i think it was the first time i stole something since i was 6 or so and stole some rubber ants (i have no idea why).

Enjoy your scrot pods Dan Savage! 

...just remembered, i took a knife that had a fish tail from a restaurant once....i had to have the merknife!


Susan said...

So my making you return the ants did teach you something...only take when you won't get caught?

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