up : date :: fall!

yay! i love that it actually feels like fall now! the down comforter has been busted out, slippers are a daily occurrence, i can wear my hair down without overheating, and squash and soups are in abundance. This past week i have been scrambling to get ready for a holiday handmade market here in btown on Nov. 6th...lots of prints, cards, and a few originals to be sold! i don't do craft fairs normally so i feel like it's a major production to get ready for one. from displays to signage to products it's all a bit much for me to wrap my head around. But i'm feeling ok about this one....i have my friend mary to man the space with me,  and i have finished up my custom projects i was working on. Here is a web banner i did for an aspiring floral designer...she had great ideas all along the way and i just love how it turned out!


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