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Thanksgiving is by far my fave holiday. It's based on (hopefully) good food, good friends/family, and good feelings of thanks. Never mind that the pilgrim/indian backstory might be a bit shady...and turkey has a tendency to end up dry...and people ruin sweet potatoes with marshmallows. My feeling is that hopefully you have at least one of the 3 (food, friends/fam, thanks)...and if you do, you have something to celebrate! I am super thankful (that's 1!) this year to be having thanksgiving in Chicago with both my fam and my in-laws (that's 2!!). Dinner will be at the in-laws' and the hubs and i are hoping to contribute a few dishes...maybe mussels...maybe gluten-free coconut cream pie...maybe sausage stuffed acorn squash...maybe grain-free rosemary pecan cookies. (that's 3!!!)

i am one lucky lady.


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