up : date :: what's up with botaniche anyway?

What's up with botaniche? last week i talked about research and inspiration being a big bonus and motivator of starting this blog. But what's with the prints i'm selling? What's with the name?

The idea behind the prints actually came from my boss at Peppertree. She thought it would be nice to illustrate bouquets as a way for brides to preserve theirs. It was a great idea, but the thought of illustrating bouquets as bouquets didn't feel right. I wanted to create something that didn't scream WEDDING! I wanted to offer a piece of art that would look hip and sophisticated and be meaningful all at once. Botanical illustrations! A deconstructed bouquet! Since I have always loved botanical and scientific art it felt 100% right that that be the layout. I also wanted to offer a more "artsy" version if someone wasn't a fan of the more rigid layout. After making a few examples I also realized this would be a great way to memorialize a garden, heck...a prom corsage, or just some favorite flowers. I am so excited that the botaniche shop is up and running....but wait...why "botaniche"?

short answer: because it sounds cool. 
longer answer: i was brainstorming name ideas, and it was important for me to not have a cheesy name. and i wanted something that could go beyond just a blog name if i ever wanted it to. (my flower business in Bend, OR). longer answer short: i saw that botany in italian was "botaniche" and i knew right away that that would be the name. A lot of people think i hybridized 'botany' and 'niche.' which is fine by me...i kinda love the word 'niche.' ***in italian, it is pronounced "bo-ta-nee-kay," but i slaughter it and say "bo-ta-nee-sh"***

anyhoo, there you have it, a few more answers to these oh so pressing questions. have a superb monday!

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Hmmm....flower business in Bend, OR you say....

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