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May is bike month and last week was ride your bike to work week. how did you do? I rode 3 days...which i feel pretty ok about. I might have ridden more if i had this bike with the floral basket! Some girlfriends and i here in bloomington started a friendly biking group/contest called the Flock of Our Lady of Ghisallo (the patron saint of cycling). We chipped in $20 each and for the next 4 months we are  keeping track of when we ride somewhere instead of driving. We have a whole point system worked out (half points for riding in the rain or dark, etc) and each month there is a winner who gets taken out for food and drink by the rest of the group. And at the end there is a grand winner who gets a gift certificate to a bike shop in town. Anyhoo, it's fun and motivating and good for the environment and the leg muscles (bloomington is not flat!).  So i hope you get out and ride this week!

top image via Cycle Chic
for funsies...here's our group's logo...


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