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These then/now posts are both the most challenging and the most rewarding for me to research and write. I am not terribly good at staying up-to-date in the art world so finding such a specific genre (art with flowers) that also relates to a specific artist from the past is quite hard (i couldn't do it without google images that's for sure!). 

This week's then/now post is a happy/surprising mix. First from "then" we have Matisse's La Gerbe (1953). It was at the end of his life the he started creating his paper cut-outs...and how can you not love the bold organic shapes in this collage. Looking at his earlier works, i adore how he treats the floral patterns of wallpaper and fabric in his paintings (good examples here and here).

From "now" we have a painting from american artist Charles Ray. He normally does highly conceptual sculpture work, but he did a series of floral drawings for the 2010 Whitney Biennial. Here is a little interview with him about his show.

These paintings feel like cousins. 


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